Calf Sale
17 July 2009
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Sean calls the loading gate the gate to heaven or hell. Heaven for the cattle coming onto the ranch, hell for those leaving.
A wayward cow arrives in the barnyard drawn by the bawling calves. Later in the day she is returned to her herd.
The calves leave on a series of small trailers rather than the single large tractor trailer they left on last year.
With a sense of finality the trucks and the calves disappear down the dusty road delivering the calves into the last stage of their temporary lives. These calves will remain in Florida until cooler weather sets in then transported to Texas to be finished off. Ironically, they might then return to Florida to reappear in the freezer case in the meat department of the local supermarket.
ABOVE AND BELOW: The last herd is returned to pasture while Sean returns equipment to the barn.
The now empty and quiet cow pens.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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