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Branding Heifers
11 July 2009
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Branding is a slow, methodical process to move bookkeeping numbers onto flesh.
The furnace blasting away in the background, coupled with the heat of the day and the hot irons, makes for a warm and uncomfortable morning in the pens.

ABOVE LEFT: Mike stands by while Sam runs the head catch and Ralph keeps track of the paperwork.

ABOVE RIGHT: A heifer in the chute look a bit worried as she waits for her turn.

LEFT: A heifer tries unsuccessfully to jump out of the chute to escape the inevitable.

Will moves the heifers along slowly through the chute as they are branded one by one.
Besides being branded, the last heifer needs to have her horns tipped, which ooze a little blood from the now truncated horns.

ABOVE: The heifers are returned to pasture.

LEFT: Sean and Goldie are happy to break for lunch.

Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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