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Weighing & Grading
25 June 2009
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With the herds on the west side of the ranch weighed and graded the day before, today it is the turn of the cattle on the east side. For a more detailed discussion of what is going on, visit 24 June 2009.
ABOVE & BELOW: The first calf heifers and their calves are herded to the cow pens. Note the cow dogs helping herd the cattle in the image above.

LEFT: A view of the southeast end of the cow pens.

BELOW: The Brahman herd in the cow pens.

Rob's dogs relax in a horse trailer.
Sam holds the long arm lever of the head catch down keeping a calf immobile in the squeeze chute. Will and Ralph listen for the ear tag number of the calf in the squeeze chute.

ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: A calf in the scale makes a hurried exit once the gate is slid open.

LEFT: Bob applies pesticide on the backs of the calves providing a measure of relief from the horn flies.

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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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