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Weighing & Grading
24 June 2009
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Sean grades the cattle as they exit the chute based on their physical condition and age. Detailed records of this sort kept over many generations of cattle help manage a more successful breeding program that increases the overall value of slaughter cattle by creating animals that will yield a carcass with the most salable meat.
The gate at the opposite end of the pen is open allowing the calves to rejoin their mothers. Davie holds down the head catch as Bob waits his turn to spring into action.
Bob dispenses a liquid pesticide down the calves' backs while they are in the chute to help control the ubiquitous horn flies. Sam can be seen through the boards of the head catch reading the ear tag number. A horse tied to a trailer.
Two of Rob's cow dogs wait patiently for the call to help move the cattle back to the pastures. Bob leans into the squeeze chute to spray paint a calf with a lost ear tag with a number to help identify it in the pasture along with its mother.

LEFT: A large fan is used to help move the sultry air around the scale.

BELOW: The cattle are sent back to the pasture.

Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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