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Weighing & Grading
24 June 2009
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A day born from a blast furnace begins a bit foggy at dawn, which burned off quick leaving a merciless sun heating the humid and windless air. The oppressive heat made it a long day for both men and cattle.

BELOW: Will brings the cattle on into the pens.

A green lichen growing on oak bark. The cattle are rotated around the pens.
Sean closes the gate behind Will and Rob and the cattle. A view of the cattle scale as work begins.
Will looks on as Ralph Sexton runs the scale. Ralph makes an adjustment to balance the weight.
The calves are being weighed to ascertain their growth and profitability prior to sale day.
Rob holds down the head catch while Sam looks on. Sam reads the ear tag number on a calf. Note his shirt is already soaked through with sweat and the day is just beginning!
Will opens and closes the entrance gate to the scale while Ralph takes the measurement. Between them in the background, Tyler controls the exit gate. A calf in the scale.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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