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Dehorning, deworming, deflying, vaccinating, growth enhancing
10 June 2009
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ABOVE & BELOW: Another calf is dehorned.

As the cattle move through the pens, the bull calves and their mothers are separated out from the herd since the bull calves will be staying on at the ranch after the heifers and steers are sold.

BELOW: Heifers and steers accompany their mothers back to the pasture.

As the heifer and steer herd move off, a bull calf cow crashes through the gate as she tries to follow the departing herd. The bull calves and cows follow the gate crasher as she breaks down a second gate freeing the herd from the pens.
The bull calves and cows bolt down the center lane toward the departing herd as the cowboys scramble to head off the stampede. The herd was stopped and returned to the pens without too much trouble.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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