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Dehorning, deworming, deflying, vaccinating, growth enhancing
10 June 2009
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Most of this year's crop of calves are nearing the end of their stay at Treasure Hammock Ranch. Activities over the next couple of months will prepare the calves for sale; some heifers will stay at Treasure Hammock, while other heifers possibly might go to other ranches but many, including all the steers, will head off to be fattened up for a few months before going to the slaughter house.

BELOW: Sean vaccinates the calves.

ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: The calves who have lost their ear tags are given replacements.

RIGHT: All the cattle are dewormed.

ABOVE & LEFT: Ben applies a spray-on insecticide to help control horn flies as the cattle move down the chute.
Many of the Treasure Hammock Ranch cattle have had their horns bred out of them (polled cattle), but some calves are still born with horns. To prevent injury to other cattle and their handlers when the horns grow out, the horns are removed.
ABOVE: At left, clippers are used to snap off the horn bud, then, at right and BELOW, a blood clotting powder is used to stanch the bleeding.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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