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ORCA volunteers ranch tour
18 April 2009
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ABOVE: Volunteers from the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA) congregate for a sunset tour of Treasure Hammock Ranch with a special emphasis on the plants found on the property.

RIGHT: ORCA volunteer coordinator and noted native plant aficionado Janice Broda points out interesting plant specimens in the trees around the barn.

BELOW: Sean Sexton, far right, leads the group on a walk through of the cow pens.


Sean explains, left, the operation of the squeeze chute and head catch and, right, the cattle scale.
Sean gave a brief overview of ranch operations and the cattle industry in general before the tour moved on to learn more about the local plants from Janice.
Charlie and Goldie came thundering out of the woods to investigate this sudden novelty when the tour moved into their pasture.
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