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Parting the bulls
3 April 2009
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A continuation of the work started on 1 April 2009 has the F1 herd and the Hi Grade herd brought in turns to the cow pens to have their bulls removed to end three months of breeding. Pictured above from left: Clyde Scent, Davie Pittman, Sean Sexton, and Rob Tripson.

ABOVE: The cattle always look like they have their doubts when they are in the pens.

RIGHT: Sean administers worm medicine.

BELOW: In background at left is Will Barker helping Davie Pittman drive the cattle down the chute while Clyde stands ready to spray the cattle against Horn Flies.

Work comes to a brief halt so Davie can repair the chute.

ABOVE LEFT: Sean administers worm medicine to a bull.

ABOVE RIGHT: Bob Richardson controls the gates at the chute exit. The left gate isolates the bulls while the right gate sends the cows and their calves into a pen where they wait to be taken back to pasture.

LEFT: Two cows rejoin the herd.

Cow herd with calves minus the bulls.
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