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Parting the bulls
1 April 2009
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Above and below, the now lonesome bulls are taken to a pasture set aside just for them.
The first calf heifer herd and their bulls are driven across the bridge to the cow pens.

ABOVE: A calf waits in the chute with the first calf heifers.

RIGHT: Several calves are stopped to examine how well tattooing the calves' identification numbers in their ears worked out.

Once done, the first calf heifers are returned to pasture minus their bulls.

With the other herds out of the way, the Brahman cows are moved while Davie Pittman rides into the pen to keep the bull from leaving with the rest of the herd.
The Brahman herd is moved around to the chute to be doused against Horn Flies then returned to their pasture.
With the cows safely penned away, the Brahman bull is released and taken to the bull pasture.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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