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Parting the bulls
1 April 2009
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The first day of April marks three months the bulls have been with the various herds. It is hoped in that time all the cows and heifers have been made pregnant and in nine months the resulting calving season is successful. To ensure a uniform three month calving season, the bulls are to be separated out of the herds today.
The Brahman herd is brought from the pastures to the cow pens. Above, Will Barker, Rob Tripson, Clyde Scent (in background on foot), Davie Pittman, and Sean Sexton watch the last of the herd prepare to cross the bridge.
Once the Brahmans have been penned, the replacement heifers and their bulls are brought down the road to the pens.
Once in the pens, the replacement heifers and bulls are driven to the chute.
Once in the chute, Clyde Scent sprays them with insecticide to control the Horn Flies.
After being sprayed for Horn Flies, the heifers are allowed to move into a pen of their own. The bulls are stopped and given a dose of worm medicine, then separated out into another pen. The bulls did not look happy to be on their own again away from the heifers.
Above and below, with the bulls separated out, the replacement heifers are taken back to their pasture.
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