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Deworming, tattooing, growth implantation, vaccinating, and surgical castration of calves
7 March 2009
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The anxiety of the cows over being separated from their calves, even for a brief time, is manifested by their constant lowing. A few cows are brave enough to approach the work area to investigate the calves in the chute for their offspring.
Rob Tripson enters the squeeze chute to help a calf get turned around. For a more complete explanation of surgical castration,
visit 19 February 2009, page three
The male calves selected for surgical castration are thrown to the ground upon exiting the chute.
Everyone lends a hand to keep the calf immobile during the procedure.
"Cutting the calf" involves opening the scrotum, pulling out the testicles, then cutting the spermatic cord with the emasculator. Learn more about Castrating Calves and Lambs. The entire procedure takes only seconds, then the calf is released to return to the herd and its mother.

ABOVE LEFT: Sean Sexton shows off his hands covered in the iodine used to sterilize the surgical instruments.

ABOVE RIGHT: A jumper goes over the fence with ease to get back into the herd.

LEFT: Generational mix: Sean talks with Ralph Sexton in the background, while Tyler Bailes looks on as his younger brother, Blake, takes a nap.

BELOW: The herd returns to pasture in a cloud of dust.

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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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