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Deworming, surgical castration of calves, plumbing, fertility testing, bull sale, and fence repair
20 February 2009
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Back at the cow pens, fertility testing of the bulls is underway. Dr. Harvey checks a semen sample through the microscope. A Brahman bull awaits his turn in the chute to be tested.
Roscoe takes it easy as he recuperates from an abscess that developed in his foot. Dr. Harvey prepares to collect a semen sample using electroejaculation. The scrotal circumference of the bulls are also being measured.

ABOVE: Sean herds bulls back to pasture.

LEFT: Ralph Sexton and Clyde Scent keep the records of the bulls' progress through the tests.

Sean shows a prospective bull buyer the current selection.

ABOVE: The remaining bulls provide some resistance to being tested as Ben and Dr. Harvey try to get them into the chute.

LEFT: The bulls crash through a weak spot in the fence.

BELOW LEFT: The fence is repaired.

BELOW RIGHT: The recalcitrant bulls are sent through to the cattle scale chute where they are finally caught and tested.

Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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