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Deworming, surgical castration of calves, plumbing, fertility testing, bull sale, and fence repair
20 February 2009
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Deworming and surgical castration of the calves continue for a second day. Here the Brahman herd returns to their pasture after being worked on.

The day starts off cold and gray.

ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: A Northern Cardinal and an Eastern Gray Squirrel huddle in the trees against the cold.

LEFT & BELOW: Ben Harrison opens the gate allowing the Hi Grade herd onto greener pastures for the day.

The Hi Grade herd pours onto the green pasture.
Charlie the horse takes advantage of a gate inadvertently left open to head for greener grass of his own. Sean Sexton tempts Charlie back to his pasture with a bucket of oats.
Sean and Ben work on piping water into the new horse corral.
Besides providing water for the horses, a water line will be run into the barn to accommodate a spigot.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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