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Deworming, tattooing, growth implantation, vaccinating, and surgical castration of calves
19 February 2009
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Rob Tripson tattoos the calf's identification number into its ear.
The device punctures the numbers into the ear, which is then swapped with ink to finalize the tattoo.
Besides being tattooed, all the calves are injected in the opposite ear with a growth-promoting implant. The implants promote the formation of muscle tissue while decreasing the amount of fat tissue.
The calves are vaccinated against a multitude of infections. Clyde Scent, in foreground, prepares the needles for injecting the calves.
Vinnie Parentela, at bottom foreground, operates the head catch while Davie Pittman, Will Barker, and Rob Tripson work on a calf in the squeeze chute. Sean sharpens the knife in preparation of surgically castrating the calves.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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