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Deworming, tattooing, growth implantation, vaccinating, and surgical castration of calves
19 February 2009
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The calves have reached the age where they are old enough to be castrated if so selected. Each herd will be run through the cow pens in turn with all the cattle getting a dose of deworming fluid. ABOVE: Sean Sexton pumps deworming fluid down a bull's throat.
The calves are penned and then examined. Heifers are separated out and returned to the herd.
A certain number of male calves are selected to be the next generation of breeding bulls.
Calves that did not make the initial cut are examined one final time to select out any possible future breeding bulls.

The noise from the cow herd is intense as they show their anxiety from being separated from their calves. Some come back through the gate in search of their own calf as the young ones come down the chute.

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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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