Pelican Island Audubon Society ranch tour
7 February 2009
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The group stops to observe two Bald Eagles: one a juvenile, the other an adult.
The juvenile Bald Eagle about to land atop a distant snag. The Loggerhead Shrikes showed some interest in the group as they moved through the birds' territories.
Jens Tripson and Sean Sexton Sean listens while Nancy Irvin updates the list of birds seen on the tour.
The tour begins the walk back to the barn.

ABOVE LEFT: Back at the barn, the tour enjoys delicious freshly baked goods by Melissa Tripson, standing at left.

ABOVE RIGHT & RIGHT: The tour relaxes in the barn with coffee and baked treats.

Some birds seen around the barn at the conclusion of the tour.

ABOVE LEFT: A Painted Bunting and a Northern Cardinal.

ABOVE UPPER RIGHT: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

ABOVE LOWER RIGHT: Pileated Woodpecker

LEFT: Duck decoys

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