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Managing reproduction, feeding, branding, selling & fence repair
2 January 2009
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Yet another cattle drive when the cull cows are brought to the pens for a potential buyer to examine. The examination of the cull cows by the buyer gives the crew time to relax.
With the cull cow sale done, the heifers are returned to pasture. Here Rob Tripson drives them from the pen.... ....through the barnyard....
....over the bridge.... ....and down the road....
....at a pretty good clip they move along....
....until finally charging into the pasture. Sean looks happy the move went well as the crew heads back to the cow pens.

A long day still is not done as sunset approaches. Above, a fence needs to be repaired out in one of the pastures where the cows have burst through to get at greener forage. Then, right, one of the mineral troughs needs to be refilled. Florida forage is deficient in some minerals and these are made up for by providing a tasty supplement for the cattle to consume at will.

BELOW: A glorious sunset ends a long day.

Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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