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Herding heifers and branding bull calves
27 December 2008
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ABOVE & BELOW: Two very agile bull calves make sure they are the last of the herd to enter the chute to be branded. When their time comes they decide to escape over the fence---something they do very easily despite their large bulk.
One of the bull calves successfully gets over the outer fence and back into the pasture, but the other calf makes a wrong turn in the labyrinthine cow pens and is driven by Travis back to the chute to be branded.
ABOVE & BELOW: The branding done, the bull calves are herded out of the cow pens and back into the pasture.
Mike drives two Brahman calves to the cow pens to be branded. Branding a handful of Brahmans ended the day.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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