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Herding heifers and branding bull calves
27 December 2008
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Sean brings out the furnace for heating the brands. Old newspaper is used for kindling
The gas-powered furnace soon turns the brands red hot.
The bulls in the chute wait impatiently for whatever is coming next. Sean hides behind the sliding door leading into the squeeze chute to make driving a nervous bull calf into the chute easier.
One by one Sean brands the bull calves with their identification numbers and the Treasure Hammock Ranch brand.
Sean brands a bull calf in the squeeze chute while Mike holds down the head catch lever.
Travis runs the different brands needed back and forth between Sean and the furnace.
Sean applies the Treasure Hammock Ranch brand to the shoulder of each bull calf. A bull calf waits his turn to enter the squeeze chute to be branded.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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