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Herding heifers and branding bull calves
27 December 2008
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A busy---and very overcast meaning awful lighting---morning moving cattle and branding bull calves begins early with the horses being saddled. Here Roscoe looks a bit wary of the work ahead, especially when he sees the bridle.
Ever the opportunist, Goldie knocks over a bucket in the truck looking for feed as Sean Sexton tightens the saddle. Mike Sexton gives Roscoe a quick brushing down.

Ben Harrison and Sean chain the feed troughs together for towing to the new pasture the heifers are being moved to. Note in the picture at left that Sam the little ranch dog is running alongside the tractor.

BELOW: The heifers are driven down the road to their new pasture.

LEFT & BELOW: The bull calves are rounded up and driven to the cow pens to be branded.

LEFT: Left to right---Travis Scent, Mike Sexton and Sean Sexton.
BELOW: Left to right---Mike Sexton, Sean Sexton, Travis Scent and Tyler Bales.

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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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