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Ultrasounding cattle, tagging calves, winter pasture rotation, culling bulls, feeding calves, fence repair
17 December 2008
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The difference between a seeded and non-seeded pasture is quite evident in the above view. The green pasture at left shows a lush green compared with the withered brown of the pasture at right.
The F1 herd is moved onto a seeded pasture. The fences need constant attention. Here Sean and Brandon repair a gate in the F1 pasture.
Back at the cow pens, Sean looks over the cull bulls one last time to decide if any are worth keeping.
Mike Sexton and Davie Pittman move the cull bulls into position for loading on the transport.
Mike Sexton keeps the cull bulls moving as they head into the transport for their trip to the livestock yards in Arcadia.
The heifers are brought into the pens to be weighed, graded, and ultrasounded.
The young cattle are moved around the pens and into the scales to be weighed.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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