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Ultrasounding cattle, tagging calves, winter pasture rotation, culling bulls, feeding calves, fence repair
17 December 2008
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Another early morning at Treasure Hammock for Davie Pittman, Rob Tripson, Clyde Scent, Sean Sexton, Mike Sexton, and Will Barker. Will Barker and Rob Tripson separate out a bull culled for medical reasons.
More cull bulls are taken out of the pasture to the pens to await transport to the livestock sale in Arcadia. The bulls must have an idea they are heading off the Ranch for they put up some resistance about leaving the pasture.

Sean and Brandon McKenzie put feed out for one of the last times this year with the end of the feed test to increase the weight of the young bulls and heifers.

BELOW: The Hi Grade herd is moved onto one of the seeded pastures to forage on ryegrass, turnips, mustard greens, and clover.

Brandon and Sean tag a few of the new calves.
Sean sends the rope out toward a calf.
The calf is hauled in.
Moments after being roped, the calf is tagged and is back with its mother.
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