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Indian River Cattlemen's Association Annual Holiday Cookout & Auction
10 December 2008
Scenic pastures of the Sun-Ag cattle unit surround the annual Indian River Cattlemen's Association Holiday Cookout & Auction held the evening of 10 December 2008.
The party was held at the Sun-Ag employee recreation area located inside a dense palm hammock.
Sean Sexton, center, with Ken Grudens, left, and Ralph Monticello, right, of the Indian River Land Trust. The fire pit flares up as people begin to arrive at sunset.
Items are donated for the evening's auction which raises money for the Indian River Cattlemen's Association scholarship fund.
LEFT: People examine the auction goods prior to the sale.
RIGHT: Sean Sexton donated a large print of one of his paintings of the Treasure Hammock Ranch cow pens.
Conviviality and fellowship mark the time while waiting for the auction and cookout to start.
Indian River Cattlemen's Association president Will Barker, in white shirt holding the microphone, accepts an award from Florida Cattlemen's Association president Bo Hobby, left, for participating in the Beef Cook-off at the Cowboy Heritage Festival. Looking on in the background are, from left, Sean Sexton, Rob Tripson, and Mark Tripson who all helped as members of the Indian River Cattlemen's Cook Crew. Will Barker introduces the crew from Everglades Farm Equipment Company who did all the cooking for the evening's party.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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