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Weighing the bull calves
12 November 2008
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RIGHT: Ralph Sexton, seated, joins the crew to run the scale and record the weights. The calves are weighed in groups of 5-10 at a time to get the herd's average weight to compare with the last weighing.

BELOW LEFT: Bob Richardson, left, applies insecticide to control horn flies as the calves pass through the chute. Will Barker is holding the rope controlling the head gate.

BELOW RIGHT: Weighing goes quickly with the pen filling up fast with calves waiting to return to the pasture. The bull calves have gone from weighing an average of 750 pounds to an average of 900 pounds this time around.

Weighing completed, the cowboys saddle up and drive the bull calves out of the pens and back to the pasture.
Cowboys and horses relax while the bull calves are fed back in the pasture.
The feed is irresistible. The calves will empty the troughs clean.
Afterwards, the pastures are inspected to see how the planting is going leading to the discovery of these two Sandhill Cranes. Then the cowboys went off to rotate the herds to different pastures.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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