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Weighing the bull calves
12 November 2008
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The bull calves have been on a combination of their regular pasture forage and high protein feed since 12 August to accelerate their growth rate. Today the bull calves will be weighed to see how they are developing.
ABOVE & BELOW: Will Barker can be seen herding the calves out of the pasture in a sudden torrential downpour.
ABOVE: Rob Tripson seen through a curtain of heavy rain bringing up the rear of the herd.

As quickly as it started the rain stopped.

ABOVE & LEFT: Sean Sexton races ahead of the calves to head the herd off and turn them in the right direction. Sean is riding Roscoe, Treasure Hammock's new horse.

BELOW: Sean stops the herd's advance, then uses the whip to turn them. Note the faint rainbow in the image below left.

Once facing in the right direction, the herd moves lazily to the cattle pens.
Once at the pens, Rob Tripson, center, cracks the whip to hurry the herd through the gate. Note the cloud of smoke raised from the whip crack.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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