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Adams Ranch 30th Annual Sale
6 November 2008
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The view from the top of the bleachers at the beginning of the cattle auction.
The men in front of the display pen are watching the crowd and relaying bids to the auctioneer The view from the floor.
Looking down at the sale floor. The auctioneer is sitting up behind the display pen at center The auctioneer is the gentleman at right in the tie. At left are the cattle waiting to enter the display pen. The card being held up denotes the specific cattle for sale in the display pen at the moment.
A heifer waits her turn to enter the display pen. ABOVE & BELOW: The cattle look relieved when they are released out of the sale barn.

ABOVE: The cattle coming out of the sale barn are herded to specific pens to await pickup by their buyers.

LEFT: Sale cattle in the pens.

BELOW: An elevated view of the pens holding the sale cattle.

Sean relaxed toward the end of the auction by sketching the crowd. Sean stops to chat with Alto "Bud" Adams, Jr., noted photographer and the head of Adams Ranch.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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