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Adams Ranch 30th Annual Sale
6 November 2008
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Adams Ranch in St. Lucie County has been in the cattle business over 70 years and is currently home to over 10,000 head of cattle. The large ranch is actively managed for both cattle and wildlife in a positive melding of agriculture and conservation.
ABOVE LEFT: The ranch is noted for its Braford cattle, which are a cross between Hereford bulls and Brahman cows.
ABOVE RIGHT: The horse barn is adorned with deer skulls of which only a small number are seen here.
While the cattle and horse auction is the main event, buyers could also browse sale booths selling, among other things, cypress furniture, cowboy art, books, and whips. Naturally, a barbecue fed the crowd. The large building in the background is the sale barn.
The Dees, a country band, entertained the crowd before the auction. Sean Sexton's interest in attending the auction was to possibly buy a new horse for Treasure Hammock. Here he can be seen examining the horses for sale.
Sean watches Roscoe, one of the sale horses, go through its paces. Born and raised at Adams Ranch, six-year old Roscoe knows his way around cattle and has been ridden in Ranch Rodeos in previous years.
The crowd enters the sale barn at noon for the beginning of the auction. The horses are auctioned off first.
After a few minutes of bidding, Sean ends up the owner of Roscoe. Here Sean examines his purchase after the sale and is very satisfied with what he sees. A roping target on the lawn.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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