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Seeding a pasture
31 October 2008
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The proper amount of Clover is weighed out.
The Clover seeds are poured atop the Ryegrass seeds. The Clover seeds, normally a yellow color, are here grayish because they are coated with bacteria that will inoculate the Clover to improve nitrogen fixation in the soil among other things to enhance their health and survivability.
The Turnip seeds are weighed out then poured atop the Clover and Ryegrass.
The purplish Turnip seeds atop the Ryegrass. The Turnip, Clover, and Ryegrass seeds are mixed together.
The seeds are poured into the funnel of the spreader.
Gravity feeds the seeds down the funnel to the spinning paddles, which send a cloud of seeds arcing out the back of the spreader as the tractor rolls along.
It will take several weeks of work to prepare and seed the 200-acres.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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