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Okeechobee bull sale
17 October 2008

The Okeechobee Livestock Market held an auction on a Friday of 100 2-year old Angus bulls from the Graham Angus Farm in Albany, Georgia. These bulls are advertised as "foraged developed in southern heat and humidity" thus "acclimated for the southeast."

LEFT: Sean Sexton, Will Barker and Rob Tripson make their way into the market.

RIGHT: Sean looks on as the auction starts.

BELOW: Various views of the fast paced auction, with each individual bull on display for only a minute or two before being sold. The floor of the pen is a scale with the bull's weight flashing up on a wall display for everyone to see. The bulls averaged between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds, with a few exceptions breaking 2,000 pounds.

ABOVE RIGHT: The auctioneer sits at left and keeps the proceedings moving quickly as he recognizes each bid coming from the audience.

BELOW: One of the two bulls Sean bought that day on view in the display pen.

ABOVE & BELOW: The two bulls bought for Treasure Hammock are delivered within a few hours of the sale. After being given feed and access to water, they will spend the night in the pens before being released into a pasture. The bulls make for two large additions to the breeding stock on the ranch.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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