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Feeding the bull calves & heifers, tagging calves
10 October 2008
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RIGHT: A worried cow looks on while Sean prepares her roped calf to be tagged.
Now it is the calf's turn to look worried as the tagging pliers, with tag in place, is brought into position in the ear.
The metal tag pierces the ear and, with a tight squeeze of the pliers, is locked into place.
LEFT: The freshly placed tag in the calf's ear.
RIGHT: The tagging process is over in seconds leaving the calf free to return to its mother.
Sean requires Brandon's help to hold an older calf while the tag is placed in the ear.

After each tag is placed, Sean records the calf and cow identification numbers. Almost forty calves had been tagged by 26 September; now on 10 October, the Ranch has over 100 tagged calves with more being born every day.


Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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