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Horn fly control, cattle drive, feeding, weighing, chopping, selling, tagging
26 September 2008
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The advent of calving season means the newborn must be identified along with their mothers through the use of ear tags like these. The ear tags are made of surgical steel. See the opposite side of the ear tags here: 24 October 2008
Exhibiting a great talent for roping cattle, here Sean sends the rope toward a newborn calf in the grass at its mother's feet.
The calf docilely accepts the rope coming down around its neck. A plier-like tool holds the tag for insertion into the ear.
The tag is clamped into the ear. The calf shows off its ear tag, visible at upper right.

Left: Careful records are kept to identify the calf with its mother.

Below: The older calves are very wary and not so easy to catch. Here a calf, along with its mother, make a clean getaway.

Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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