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Horn fly control, cattle drive, feeding, weighing, chopping, selling, tagging
26 September 2008
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Standing water from a heavy rainfall the night before reflects the foggy, early morning light in the cattle pens.
Sean Sexton tows a trough full of feed behind the tractor to entice the herd of heifers to the pens.
The cowboys come up behind the heifers to make sure they all stay together following the tractor.
To counter the excessive horn fly infestation this year, the heifers are run through the chute so each can be doused with insecticide. Clyde Scent is pictured above doing the honors. Helping out the heifers with their flies goes quickly so, before long, the cowboys are soon found spread out along the road to ensure the herd moves to a distant pasture intact.
The herd of heifers make their appearance onto the road. The tractor is used, once again, to tow a trough filled with feed to keep the heifers interest in going in the right direction.
Brandon McKenzie plays Pied Piper to the heifers as he drives the tractor towing the feed trough.
The heifers follow the tractor towing the feed trough into their new home.
Sean Sexton atop Goldie is happily relieved the long distance move went so easily.
To help the heifers grow, they will still have their grass diet supplemented with feed. Here Sean throws a bag of feed into a trough.

Left: The feed is barely out of the bags before the heifers move in to eat.

Below: The empty feed trailer is taken away after being replaced by a full trailer.

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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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