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Vaccinating Heifers & Palpating Cows
3 September 2008
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The cattle are used to the routine of being worked and calmly sauntered along toward the cattle pens at dawn under Sean Sexton's direction. The heifers have been six days in the pens eating only feed and hay. Today they will be vaccinated and sent back to the pastures.
The surprise appearance of a curious cow looking through the gate revealed that part of the fence had failed and needed to be repaired. Will Barker works the posthole digger while Rob Tripson looks on waiting for an opportunity to assist.
The fence and gates are strengthened with the addition of new boards.
Once the repairs are done, the cattle are rotated around the pens to get them into position to go down the chute in order.
The veterinarian is at the pens today. For the heifers he has a shot to vaccinate them against brucellosis. Learn more about this infectious and contagious disease. Here he checks the ear tag number while his assistant injects the heifer in the shoulder. The vet perforates the heifer's ear to make placing the vaccination tag easier.
A plier-like instrument snaps the vaccination tag into the ear. A close-up of the vaccination tag locked in place in the ear.
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