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Family of Loggerhead Shrikes

Fun and excitement and then disappointment in going out to photograph a Loggerhead Shrike nest found two days before only to find it empty. A search of the pasture soon found the family---two adults and four fledglings.

RIGHT: One of the adult Loggerhead Shrikes.

BELOW: The large family group had strayed into the territory of another pair of Shrikes just to the north. The parent Shrikes were very aggressive in chasing away the resident Shrikes.


ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: One of the young fledglings. The young Shrikes could fly short distances and were very curious about exploring their surroundings.

LEFT: The parents kept a constant stream of insects coming to the young to feed their insatiable appetite. The young birds begged for food even when it was obvious the parents did not have anything to share.

The arrival of one of the parents with a caterpillar caused a mad rush by the young birds to try and be the first to get to it.
Three fledglings suffer the inevitable disappointment in not making it in time for a meal.
While waiting for their parents to bring more food, the fledglings would search on their own in a limited way for something to eat. After each short exploration flight, they would return to the group of fledglings remaining on the pine branch.

One of the adults flies up out of the grass with an insect for the fledglings.

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