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Weaning Heifers
29 August 2008
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The daily work load increases for the next few months with both the bull calves and now the heifers having to be fed. Above, while the cattle are being worked in the pens, Sean Sexton loads the feeder to go out and feed the bull calves. A view inside the feeder as a bag of feed is poured into it.
A view from the trailer as Sean drives the tractor pulling the feeder out to the pasture holding the bull calves. The high molasses content of the feed causes it to stick together causing the feeder to clog up. Clyde Scent breaks up the feed to keep the feeder flowing into the troughs.
The appearance of the tractor brings the bull calves over in a hurry.
Above, even before the trough is filled some of the braver calves have started eating. Left and below, as the tractor pulls away the calves move in to eat the feed in these views from up on the feeder trailer.
Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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