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Weaning heifers
29 August 2008
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The action now shifts to the scale, which the heifers are driven into one-by-one to be weighed.
Once in the scale the heifer is weighed. Ralph Sexton, above, operates the scale while Clyde Scent, at right, stands ready to open the gate releasing the heifer out of the scale and into the catch.
Rob Tripson, at right, puts his weight into holding down the lever operating the head catch that holds the heifer immobile while Colonel Bob Richardson (US Army-ret.) and Davie Pittman work the heifer over.
Bob Richardson sprays a flea and lice preventative on the heifer's back.
Davie Pittman reads the ear tag number then sprays a deworming fluid into the heifer's mouth.
One-by-one the heifers go through the scales and catch to be released into the pens holding the food troughs, above. Unlike the bull calves, many of the heifers went right for the troughs to eat once they got into the pen. At left, Sam the dog, thinking he is a lot bigger than he really is, walks the pens with seeming impunity from being stepped on by the cattle. Below, two horses relax by the pens all saddled up and ready to go when needed.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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