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History of Treasure Hammock Ranch: 1943 - 2007
by Sean Sexton

Historic photographs courtesy of the Sexton Family.
Kenmore Catle Company - 1951

The Kenmore Cattle Company, a partnership between Prescott Gardner, Hubert Graves, Gilbert Barkoskie and W.E. Sexton was dissolved in 1951 and Waldo received the south most 160-acres as his portion of the company’s holdings.

This piece to the east and a larger tract to the west of the lateral C canal running parallel to Ranch Road became what are today known as Treasure Hammock Ranch, located in the Southern region of the Sebastian River Water Control District and originally comprising approximately 600 acres.

In 1951, Ralph Sexton had finished a tour of duty in the Merchant Marines and studies for a degree in Animal Husbandry at the University of Florida and returned home to realize his dream of becoming a Cattleman.   He bought Treasure Hammock Ranch from Waldo and set about to pay for it with its annual produce of calves.

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