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Calf Sale
18 July 2008
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Sale calves are moved to a pen in preparation of being weighed.
The sale calves are weighed in groups with up to ten on the scale at a time.
Ralph Sexton reads the scale, while he and one of the buyers, seated at right, both record the weight.
Since the large tractor trailor can not get to the scales, the sale calves have to be transported out to the main road in a smaller vehicle.
The sale calves are loaded aboard the transport.
The sale calves are then driven the short distance to the main road where the tractor trailer sits waiting to receive them.
The two trailers are brought together....
....and the calves enter the tractor trailer.
The inside of the tractor trailer consists of two levels to double the load of cattle it can transport. The cattle boarding the trailer today are all destined for Texas.
The commotion at the trailers brings over a herd of cattle whose mournful braying expressed their realization that kin are being taken away.
Their duty done for now, a herd of cows are returned to pasture.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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