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Calf Sale
18 July 2008
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The end of the age of innocence for many of the calves came today as their bucolic existence falls to market forces bringing them a step closer to the dinner table.
The herds are brought one-by-one to the cattle pens to have the sale calves separated out. Note the cloud of insects moving along with this herd. These insects are "horn flies" and can become quite a problem. Learn more about the horn fly.
Goldie carries Sean Sexton into the pens to herd the cattle into a far enclosure. The many pens of the complex will come in handy today as the cattle are split apart into various groups, some to be sold, others to go back to the pastures.
Sean Sexton's son, Michael, keeps the cattle moving down the chute.
The cattle are caught and examined one-by-one then released into the appropriate pen.
The steer calves, which have all been sold, are each vaccinated in the nose by the buyer.
The vaccinating liquid is simply injected into each nostril.
One of the receiving pens for cattle coming out of the chute is cleared.
One of the sale calves, at left alongside the fence, escapes back into a herd of cows returning to the pasture.
The sharp-witted calf was nimble enough to keep one step ahead of its pursuers in the confusion of the pen.
Ultimately, time and strength of numbers wins out with the calf being roped and returned to the sale herd.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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