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Branding Heifers, Weaning Bull Calves
12 August 2008
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The newly branded heifers are returned to pasture clearing the pens for weaning the bull calves. Above, Will Barker, Emory Bailes, and Rob Tripson separate the bull calves from the cows.
Once separated out from the cows, the bull calves go down the chute, above, to be inspected individually. The main qualities looked for are suitability for reproductive success and their weight. If the inspection proves favorable, the bull calf will stay at Treasure Hammock for the time being. Calves staying on the Ranch are sprayed with a chemical, left, to prevent fleas and ticks while, below, a liquid dewormer is injected into their mouths.
The rejected bull calves are inspected one final time to quell any doubts over whether they should stay or go.
The rejected bull calves are herded onto a transport that will take them to Okeechobee to be sold at the cattle auction.
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Florida Cattle Ranch by Bob Montanaro
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